Organic Bulgarian White Rose Water (Rosa Alba) - 17 Fl Oz

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17 Fl Oz

Alteya’s 100% pure, steam distilled white rose water is made of fresh, organic Rosa Alba blossoms one of the rarest oil-bearing roses. As compared to our pink Rosa Damascena water, this one has lighter and more delicate floral aroma. It carries all the fragrance complexity of the white Rose Alba.

By using a unique distillation technique, which embodies century-old traditions and modern technologies we distill a special grade white rose flower water that preserves the biodynamic energy of the rose plant.

100% organically grown and ethically harvested from our family rose farm in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley.

Suggested use

• Soak a cotton pad with rose water and smooth over the entire face and neck.
• Saturate a towel, warm up and apply to face to detoxify and clarify skin, and unclog pores.
• Spray the gentle rose mist all over your body for instant moisture and freshness. Rejuvenates dull skin and calms after prolonged sun exposure.
• Provides essential nutrients to hair and if used daily, significantly improves shine and natural luster. Spray daily.


100% pure steam distilled rose floral water


• Therapeutic grade

• Softening and moisturizing

• Rejuvenating, uplifting, energizing

• For all skin types


• After cleansing/shower

• After sun exposure

• After exercise

• For travel


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I saved my rainy day/mad money and waited for Alteya to have a sale and ordered a lot of different floral waters & some real Rose Otto oil (that's like a bar of gold in the beauty box). I have now used the Rose Collagen (reviewed, it's great). I have only used the white rose flower water twice. I have used it as a toner after cleansing and it is refreshing and the scent is beautiful and light compared to rose damascena which is heavier and still lovely but sometimes you want something lighter. My skin felt wonderful after application and then...just yesterday after my bath I sprinkled it throughout my wet hair (scrunch your hair so it disperses all over and wrap your head in a towel to infuse your locks) and boy did my hair smell gorgeous, when it was dry my hair felt softer and my natural curls or waves or whatever you want to call them looked gorgeous, honestly better. I came out of my bathroom feeling like Venus - these are the moments when you know you had a great end of the day. I bought two bottles and so I will be using it carefully i.e. for special days...It's lovely. Thank you Alteya team, your products are delightful and I know that when winter comes to Canada these floral waters will remind me that spring is around the corner. Mmm, wonderful in a bottle.

Grace H.
The best!!

Alteya’s organic rose water has been my only facial toner for years. It’s quality is nowhere else to find. Centifolia rose water is especially my preferred one!

Sumana Meissner
Love it

I’ve been using the rose water from Alteya for more than 10 years and never been disappointed with the product. It smells heavenly:)

Wanying Wei
Organic Bulgarian White Rose Water (Rosa Alba) - 500ml

Sweet smelling water. Everyday use.

Organic Bulgarian White Rose Water (Rosa Alba) - 500ml

More fragrant than the red rose variety, this white rose hydrosal is my absolute favourite! It also feels so refreshing and calming on my acne prone skin.

Lisa Patterson
Organic Bulgarian White Rose Water (Rosa Alba) - 500ml

I will certainly purchase this again when the bottle is empty! Thank you.

Lisa Patterson
Organic Bulgarian White Rose Water (Rosa Alba) - 500ml

Great quality product hands down the best of its kind. Agreeably, the white rose is not as sweet smelling as the pink rose variety...but it's equally outstanding.

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