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Rose Water terms & conditions

Alteya’s Organic Rose Water contains only one ingredient, steam-distilled organic Rosa Damascena distillate. It does not contain any preservatives and it is important that  proper handling and storage procedures are followed.

Shipping and Transportation

Unless specifically discussed and agreed upon with the customer, for each shipment Alteya will make every attempt to determine the optimal transportation method and shipping container. However, due to the nature of the rose water product and changing weather conditions after shipment from our warehouse, we cannot guarantee that product parameters and quality will be retained until its delivery to the client. We strongly recommend that clients discuss transportation and insurance options in advance with us.

Upon product delivery, not to exceed 2 days from receipt, clients should immediately inspect their rose water shipment, document and report any issues directly with us and with the shipping company.

Storage and Handling

Due to its nature, Alteya’s rose water should be stored in cold and dark conditions, away from light and heat sources, preferable in their unopened containers. Clients are advised to discuss storage and proper handling with Alteya in advance of placing an order, as we cannot be responsible for impacts to product quality and product parameters due to improper storage or handling.


After a rose water order is shipped by Alteya and received by the customer without escalating any issues or concerns within the time period specified in this section, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure the proper preservation of the rose water.


We guarantee the quality and parameters of our rose water until it is shipped from our distillery. Unless otherwise arranged and agreed upon in advance, once a rose water order is shipped by us, the client agrees to accept all responsibilities for the rose water quality, parameters, purity, and lack of contamination.