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Beauty & Youth from
the Rose Valley

Rose Oil Distillation

Skin Care Research
Organic Science
Beauty & Youth from
the Rose Valley
Rose Oil Distillation

Rose Jasminium

Timeless Glow Renewal Moisturizer

Full of plant-derived antioxidant and hydrating ingredients, helps reveal your skin’s full beauty potential.
It soothes skin, fights signs of aging, provides intense moisture and instantly boosts natural glow.
Powered by plant essences, this renewal moisturizer fortifies skin, making it more resilient over time.



Featured Products

Featured Products

Alteya’s Rose Oil Distillation.
Wild Crafted Ingredients.

Our organic rose fields, shielded by the slopes of two majestic mountain ranges,
are in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley, the land of the Thracian kings
and home to the world’s finest flower – the Bulgarian Rose.

From the aroma of the endless rose gardens, a legendary miracle of beauty was born.

Mastering Essential Oil Distillation


Our Advanced Distillation Process Captures the Most Complete Range of Aromatic Plants’ Benefits

Cultivating and harvesting the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena have been our family tradition for over 3 generations. Our organic fields with oil bearing plants, situated in a secluded valley between two tall mountains, with unique climate and healing energy, yield high quality aromatic extracts with exceptional therapeutic properties.

Dedicated to Organic

dedicated-to organic

We Make Only Certified Organic Beauty Care
Medical research proves that organic beauty and skin care products have better affinity and greater effectiveness with the skin.

We Protect and Care for the Environment
By engaging in organic agriculture, we respect Earth’s natural cycles and the environment, protecting the land and water resources from toxic pesticides.

We Provide Support for the Local Communities
We take pride in supporting local communities and offering them improved lifestyle and a healthy work environment.

Alteya’s Rose Fields

Rejuvenate. Inspire. Beautify. Rosa Damascena

The unique geographic and climatic location of our organic rose fields, makes our Rosa Damascena rare and precious, bursting with over 300 aromatic and beautifying constituents. With its ability to rejuvenate, beautify and inspire, we’ve enwoven this rose deeply into the very essence of our skincare lines.

The Science of Beauty


Science-Based Organic Beauty Innovation, Stemming from Nature in its Purest Form

In our skincare lab and manufacturing facility, our R&D team follows the principles of plant- and aroma-therapy to create products that bring proven beauty results and sensory delight. Our skincare is based on a blend of ingredients, harvested in our organic fields, with high-potency wild-crafted extracts from the Bulgarian eco-mountains.

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