Bulgarian Rose Ageless Beauty Capsules



 Our Organic Rose Oil Capsules is formulated with youth-restorative Antioxidant Acai Derma Complex to help fight free radicals causing wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture. Rich in essential antioxidants, it promotes skin elasticity; clear and smooth complexion. The nutrient-rich blend promotes more youthful appearance, promoting healthy skin, hair and nail growth. The high antioxidant content has overall positive effect on the immune system and supports the body when fighting urban environmental stress.

The oxidation caused by free radicals produced on a daily basis accounts for most visible signs of aging. Our unique formula provides support against oxidation by diminishing the damaging effects of free radicals to promote beauty and more youthful appearance.

60 Soft Capsules


60 Capsules With Organic Rose Oil and Antioxidant Acai Derma Complex


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