Alteya’s Certified Organic Bulgarian Rose Water is the world’s most exquisite 100% pure, natural flower water. Organically grown and ethically harvested from our organic fields in the Bulgarian Rose Valley. Near many well known healing springs and surrounded by two majestic mountains (the Balkan Mountain and Sredna Gora), the Rose Valley is considered to have the best soil structure, air humidity, cloudiness and precipitation for obtaining the finest rose products in the world, known for their skin care and therapeutic properties.

Steam distilled at Alteya’s state-of-the-art Distillery using Hydrolat Concentrate TM Distillation Technique which guarantees:

– richer composition of essential microelements;

– full concentration of hydrophilic aromatic components;

– carries the true fragrance complexity and therapeutic value of the essential oil-bearing plants.

Our Pure and Organic Rose Water helps tone, soften and soothe skin, restoring its beauty and renewing complexion. By delivering a healthy boost of moisture and essential micro-nutrients, it promotes a dewy complexion and naturally-fresh, youthful appearance.

Our antioxidant-rich Organic Rose Water has excellent skin enhancing benefits. It is very gentle and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

It can be used as a skin toner. Pure rose water is very gentle, and it aids in maintaining the pH balance of skin. It also possesses mild astringent properties, which helps clean and detoxify pores. Many uses rose water to clear blemishes and imperfections, and promote even skin tone.

Our Organic Rose Water can serve as skin soother. The natural rose water has great nourishing, calming and balancing properties and is used to treat acne, dull, lifeless, irritated skin and sun burn.

Rose water is known as a natural makeup remover that will not dry out skin.  It works great mixed with a few drops of carrier oil.

Pure rose water is an excellent skin hydrating agent. It can be used directly onto skin with a few spritzes or with a cotton pad. It could be also

added to DIY skincare formulations.

Another creative use of rose water is as a makeup setting spray.

⁠Born at our state-of-the-art distillery, Alteya’s rose water is distilled from fresh rose blossoms without separating the rose oils during the process, using deep-underground water from the Yagoda Village area, known for its healing springs. This ensures that our rose water retains all therapeutic and skin care properties of the amazing Bulgarian rose flowers. ⁠

Our Organic Rose Water is the perfect boost of hydration and refresher for the whole body. Mist Rose Water over your entire body after shower or to freshen up any time for a splash of gentle aroma. Add Rose Water to your bath to feel like an Egyptian royalty. You will enjoy softer and rose-smelling skin afterwards. Use Rose Water as an aftershave lotion. It will help the pores close, will soften and cool down skin and soothe it if any irritation occurred.

Rose water is known as a mild astringent. Thus it may help to reduce excess scalp oiliness. It also could aid in fighting dandruff thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory properties. Rose Water is considered to promote hair growth. Massage the roots of washed hair with Rose Water or use it as an invigorating hair rinse. Many women with curly or wavy hair share that Rose Water reduces frizz and adds extra shine to their hair, making it feel softer.

The beautiful fragrance, therapeutic effect and multiple uses make our Rose Water a must for every household. Rose Water provides a wonderful scent around the house by spraying rooms, wardrobes and draws. It clears stagnant, negative energy and brings freshness and serenity. The pure flower water works wonderfully as a linen and pillow spray and for scenting ironed clothes. Our 100% pure Rose Water can be also used in foods and beverages.


The beautiful fragrance and multiple benefits of Rose Water have made it a valuable ingredient in various cuisines throughout the world. The aromatic Rose Water is used to flavor Baklava, ice cream, scones, and cakes, rice dishes and fruit salads. Another benefit of pure Rose Water is that it can be used in many nutritious beverages. It is used as an addition to morning juice, tea, milk or plain glass of water. Just mix a teaspoon or two with your favorite drink and discover the full flavor of rose water. It is said that it aids digestion and enhances skin tone and complexion.

Оur Organic Rose Water offers all benefits as it is a 100% pure steam-distilled rose hydrosol. It combines Alteya’s experience in traditional distillation and current research to offer unsurpassed benefits.



⁠Unlike most rose waters, Alteya’s Organic Rose Water is:⁠

❌ NOT a synthetic perfumed essense⁠

❌NOT a mixtures of rose fragrances and regular water⁠

❌NOT a byproduct of rose oil distillation