Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil – 0.68 Fl Oz/20 mL


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Product Description

Rose Hip Seed Oil

Our organic, unrefined Rosehip Seed Oil contains nourishing linolenic and linoleic acids, and complexion-enhancing antioxidants, to replenish, protect and beautify skin. This lightweight, non-greasy oil absorbs fast, moisturizes skin and reduces the appearance of skin damage and wrinkles to promote even, radiant complexion. Its potent active components make Rosehip Seed Oil suitable for dry, sagging, or demanding skin, and help improve visible appearance of scars, stretch marks and wrinkles.

Best for: Dryness, Dullness, Irritation, Redness, Sun and Wind Damaged Skin

Which skin type is it good for: Dry, Sensitive, Normal, Combination, Problem Skin

Apply 2-3 drops and massage into clean dry skin. Use twice daily, on its own or after water-based moisturizer.


34 reviews for Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil – 0.68 Fl Oz/20 mL

  1. Emily W.

    It is very thick and strong but good. Will definitely buy again

  2. Camilia H

    This oil is so great! Moisturizing, plumping and so inexpensive!

  3. Ave L.

    This is a good facial product. Nothing fancy other than it leaves your face smooth. Don’t mind the natural smell. I will continue using this product.

  4. SofiaF

    My face is getting brighter and glowing. When I wake up every morning, I feel so good. Never greasy , great absorvation on my face.

  5. Caroline R

    The price is incredible for the product! I have been using rosehip oil for many years and it appears helping me on acne. I have combination skin and occasionally break out. After I start using rosehip oil, I hardly get any acne anymore. The smell of this oil though, is not very favorable. The oil is orange color and when I put it on my face, the smell is like cooking oil and my face appears turning orange too. I really cannot imagine not having some moisturizer after this oil to “mask” this oil smell on the face.

  6. Rebecca C

    This is the first time I tried this oil, and it turned out as great as their rose water I have been using for years.I am in my 40s, but a lot of times people thought I was in my 20s. Thanks to the great product, truly worth the money.

  7. Diana B

    It absorbs so well. Much better then the products Ive purchased in the past from TJMax.

  8. Ariana Z

    I take very good care of my skin, and heard how rosehip oil is supposed to help with fine lines and toning. I have been using this product for about 3 weeks and can say I am starting to notice a difference. Results do not happen overnight, but I am starting to see good results. It’s a nice feeling on the skin. I wash with my Mary Kay repair cleanser (which I LOVE), follow up with 3 drops of rosehip oil, then my Mary Kay moisturizers and serums. I focus a lot on my neck and even put on tops of my hands to help with crepey skin.

  9. Rebecca

    This is the first time I have tried rosehip seed oil. I figured this would be an opportune time to try it out. I was not disappointed. It has helped me with residual acne marks/scarring. It has really evened out my complexion and my skin is far more hydrated. I actually have used it to help with a thinning spot on the top of my head. So far, there has been significant hair re-growth.
    I would recommend you give it a try, specifically for healthier skin. Try it out on a small part of your neck before using it on your face. I think many people would find this to be an invaluable component to their skin regiment. I have mixed Vitamin E and sometimes Vitamin A with this rosehip seed oil. It packs a powerful punch to problematic skin.

  10. Maee25

    Love this Rosehip Seed Oil! This product is more like a concentrated serum. I started putting a few drops in about a dime sized amount of a homemade organic goats milk/shea/cocoa butter/olive oil blend lotion (or any good organic blend would work!), helps smooth it on my dry face easier. Even a few drops (NOT DROPPER FULL) is gentle, doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. I like how my skin feels whether using straight from a few drops or adding it into my lotion.
    **just a note for those who don’t know Rosehip is not from Rose petals. This product DOES NOT smell like roses, it is from the rosehip which is the ‘fruit of the rose’. It is an oil, works more like a serum than a free flowing oil.

  11. Anna

    My entire life I’ve used regular face moisturizer until recently I started looking into oil based moisturizers. & this specific product was the first and only I’ve tried so far, and for a first timer using an oil based moisturizer. I can say this is my new favorite moisturizer and did not at all disappoint me! It does not leave your skin looking oily, instead it leaves it feeling/looking smooth. No negative say on this product

  12. da16

    I have used several well-known brands of oils designed to be a first step in skin care. This organic Rosehip Seed oil is very pleasant to use (scent is definitely of rose hips, not floral), supports collagen production and helps extend the life of skin care products used after. I would definitely recommend this product and I will purchase it again.

  13. BeautyJunkieLiv

    My wife is very happy with this product saying that it feels very nice when applied to her face, and has a very calming and moisturizing effect. The price is also great considering that it is certified organic. Recommended.

  14. Sandy

    So, I want to start off this review by saying that AUTHENTIC/PURE rosehip oil smells absolutely nothing like roses and is actually quite a bit funky smelling. It can be off-putting, but I find that it dissipates quite quickly when applying the appropriate amount. This oil is quite rich compared to other high-end rosehip I’ve tried but that’s a GOOD thing. This seems to be very high in Omegas and Fatty Acids so really only 2 drops are needed for the whole face, and any more definitely have a potential to clog pores. Rosehip is normally non-comedogenic (non-pore-clogging) but this oil is so incredibly nutrient dense that it definitely could if you use too much. I find this oil is great for enhancing moisture overall and is a great occlusive! The price is also amazing considering that you get two bottles! I like that it’s in two bottles because it helps ensure that you’re getting the freshest product.

  15. Veronica

    Great product but personally I am not a fan of the rose hip smell. Still will buy for the benefits!

  16. Marry R

    I am very happy with the Rosehip Seed Oil. After a short time, I am seeing/feeling noticeable results.

  17. Becky

    I used to use Alteya rose water, oil, and cream.I decided to try this rosehip seed oil. I use a few drop of this oil with rose water for entire of my face, neck, and hands.. That’s all of my skincare for two weeks now. I feel my skin looks softer, moisturised but not oily, and looks smooth after putting makeup on. I am 50 years old and I feel my neck looks younger. I am very satisfied so far.

  18. Enenen

    I have used it for a week. It works very well. The skin is smooth

  19. Sophie

    Smooth application and makes skin soft. Highly recommeded.

  20. Lizzy74

    Smooth face and reduces appearance of wrinkles

  21. Gabby

    Please bare in mind that rose hips do not smell like roses. And rose hip oil will not smell floral. This stuff is great! Not chasing breakouts, leaving my skin soft, great basic oil!

  22. Milcaddy

    This is my second time to get this product and I’m so happy! I apply this at night after washing my face and before applying the moisturizer. This has improved my facial skin texture, making it soft and smooth. Skin feels more hydrated and not oily.

  23. Emily B.

    The best rose hip oil I’ve had!


    I got this oil and the Sisley black rose oil, big difference on the price, but the results are the same based on first time trying on skin. This one is orange color thicker than Sisley, but this one absorbs faster on my skin. I wish they put some fragrance in this, it does smell like cooking oil. If you don’t mind the smell, this one will save u a lot of money. I will only use this at night or days I know I’m not leaving the house. My skin type is combination, this oil didn’t irritate my skin or eyes, but the smell is not my favorite. I do feel this oil is heavier than Sisley black rose oil, both left my skin soft smooth and brighter, pores are little smaller too. I give this one 9/10 due to the smell. if you’re going to use this with other moisturizer or under make up, just use tiny amount. I used about 6-7 drops, takes time to absorb. Might be better for really dry skin or winter time.

  25. Lucy

    I love this product and use it in all my face and body products. My skin is super soft. I blend this rose hip oil with jojoba and essential oils for a wonderful face serum. Thank you for keeping it affordable and the quality top notch.

  26. Zoe M.

    Really does help tighten the skin and makes my face look clearer. I get a lot of compliments. Rose hips is an excellent facial product and this is has an excellent price and value.


    I bought this three weeks ago and I’ve been using it in the morning and evenings. The oil goes on smooth and is not sticky. I’m very happy with the results so far.

  28. CarmenS

    My skin feels wonderful, supple and has greatly helped with hyper pigmentation

  29. HarperS

    I like how this feels on my skin. No breakouts or irritation so far and have been using for about 2 weeks daily. I am hoping this helps reduce lines and increases overall hydration. Too soon to tell right now though. It has a pleasant scent and absorbs pretty quickly. Note: The directions suggest applying the oil after/on top of your chosen moisturizer. FYI

  30. Emma

    This oil is light with a hint of rose scent. I like the way this oil penetrates facial and neck skin and I use it on my hands also to add softness.

  31. Mary

    It has great shelf time before you open the bottle. Better to finish the whole bottle within 3 months. It’s not too oily for my combination skin.

  32. Eva B.

    I really like this organic plant product. I have dry skin and I find this product absorbs and hydrates my skin really well.

  33. Ruby

    Best natural form of retinol for any age group! Worked great for kids’ acne scars and age spots for old mom!

  34. Marilyn

    Love this product! Healing and plumping, makes my skin glow! Highly recommend this!

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