Organic Pomegranate Oil

Organic Pomegranate Oil

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Organic Pomegranate /Cucurbita Pepo/ Carrier Oil

Cold Pressed


Organic Pomegranate Oil


This nutrient dense oil rich in vitamin C and essential antioxidants has energizing and stimulating effect on skin and scalp. Pomegranate seed oil contains a rare compound – an essential fatty acid known as punicic acid (also called omega 5). It has been found to help reduce the appearance of inflammation, support collagen fibers and promote elasticity. Pomegranate oil has been used to improve the appearance of damaged skin and scars.

Extraction method: Cold Pressed

Absorption rate: Average

Aroma: Mild

Therapeutic use
heals, smooths skin, suitable for sensitive skin, antioxidant, improves circulation, strengthens the bones, prevents depression, stimulates hair growth, eliminates inflammations, balances hormones, protects the prostate, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, heals the digestive tract, supports liver, nourishes the brain, eases symptoms of menopause

Special precautions and warnings
Not suitable to use in cases of diarrhea. A doctor should be contacted in cases of diabetes. Not recommended to use it during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Test for individual intolerance to the oil.

Organic Pomegranate /Cucurbita Pepo/ Oil*

* Certified Organic Ingredients

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