Bulgarian Organic Rose Water – 100ml Spray


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Product Description

Organic Rose Water – 100 ml

Our pure and Organic Rose Water helps tone, soften, and soothe skin, restoring its beauty and naturally fresh, youthful appearance. By delivering a healthy boost of hydration and essential micro-nutrients, it promotes dewy and more luminous complexion. Our Rose Water is known to refresh skin and support its moisture balance, smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more defined look. It can also be used to nourish and moisturize hair and prevent frizz.

100% organically grown and ethically harvested from our family rose farm in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley.


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Face: Apply gently with a cotton ball onto face and neck, or close eyes and mist after cleansing. Re-apply any time of the day to hydrate and refresh skin or to set makeup.

Body: Mist over entire body to freshen up any time for a splash of gentle aroma.

Hair: Massage the roots of washed, towel-dried hair or use as an invigorating hair rinse.

Pure Steam Distilled Rosa Damascena Flower Water

Free of Parabens, Phthalates, Artificial Fragrance and Dyes, Mineral Oil, Animal Ingredients
Certification: USDA Organic




• Therapeutic grade

• Softening and moisturizing

• Rejuvenating, uplifting, energizing

• For all skin types


Day Care:

• After cleansing/shower

• After sun exposure

• After exercise

• For travel


– Organically grown and ethically harvested from our organic fields in the Bulgarian Rose Valley

– Steam distilled at Alteya’s state-of-the-art Distillery by using proprietary Hydrolat Concentrate Distillation Technique.

– Our Rose Water is 100% pure plant extract that carries the synergy and fragrance complexity of fresh Rosa Damascena blossoms

– It gently helps tone, soften, and soothe skin, restoring skin’s beauty and naturally fresh, youthful appearance

– Suitable for skin, body, and hair care, after exercise, sun exposure, and shower

Obtained by using Alteya’s proprietary Hydrolat Concentrate Distillation Technique which provides:

– Richer composition of essential microelements

– Full concentration of hydrophilic aromatic components

– Carries the true fragrance complexity and therapeutic value of the Rosa Damascena plant


4 reviews for Bulgarian Organic Rose Water – 100ml Spray

  1. N.G.

    This is without a doubt the finest rosewater available anywhere. The smell is intoxicating – so refreshing and so many uses. Wouldn’t use any other!

  2. Edeneve

    This is a real and pure rose distillate (hydrosol), with no useless extra ingredients added, which is very difficult to find. Good value for an organic certified product, nice packaging as well, not tested on animals. Great as a face toner, but it can be used as a body mist just as well because it smells absolutely incredible,

  3. PhilipSirbu

    Such a great product! The 100ml size of rose waters are great for people to jump in and test out the many different rose waters! My favorite are the pink rose water and white rose water!

  4. Elizabeth Alexander

    Invigorating and refreshing.

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