Bio Damascena Rose Water Toner 200ml

Bio Damascena Rose Facial Toner With Bulgarian Rose Oil

Wonderful multi-use flower water with mesmerizing fragrance.
Great facial toner, body splash and fragrance with aphrodisiac, uplifting and rejuvenating properties.



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Product Description

<h2>Rose Water Facial Toner</h2>
Alteya Organics’ Rose Toner helps balance and revitalizes skin, and boost the effectiveness of your skincare routine. The special botanical blend, that contains Bulgarian Rose, works instantly to even skintone and brighten the complexion. The deeply softening formula is proven to help purify and detoxify skin, making it fresh and supple.

<li>Certified organic</li>
<strong>Always Free of:</strong>
<li>Parabens &amp; synthetic preservatives</li>
<li>Artificial fragrances or dyes Petrochemicals</li>


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