Alteya’s Organic Toner Mist – Rose Water Violet Glass spray


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Product Description

Our pure and Organic Rose Water helps tone, soften, and soothe skin, restoring its beauty and naturally fresh, youthful appearance. By delivering a healthy boost of hydration and essential micro-nutrients, it promotes dewy and more luminous complexion. Our Rose Water is known to refresh skin and support its moisture balance, smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more defined look. It can also be used to nourish and moisturize hair and prevent frizz.

100% organically grown and ethically harvested from our family rose farm in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley.

Face: Apply gently with a cotton ball onto face and neck, or close eyes and mist after cleansing. Re-apply any time of the day to hydrate and refresh skin or to set makeup.

Body: Mist over entire body to freshen up any time for a splash of gentle aroma.

Hair: Massage the roots of washed, towel-dried hair or use as an invigorating hair rinse.

Pure Steam Distilled Rosa Damascena Flower Water

Free of Parabens, Phthalates, Artificial Fragrance and Dyes, Mineral Oil, Animal Ingredients
Certification: USDA Organic

SKU: KH-LW21-TANE-stickerless



• Therapeutic grade

• Softening and moisturizing

• Rejuvenating, uplifting, energizing

• For all skin types


Day Care:

• After cleansing/shower

• After sun exposure

• After exercise

• For travel


– Organically grown and ethically harvested from our organic fields in the Bulgarian Rose Valley

– Steam distilled at Alteya’s state-of-the-art Distillery by using proprietary Hydrolat Concentrate Distillation Technique.

– Our Rose Water is 100% pure plant extract that carries the synergy and fragrance complexity of fresh Rosa Damascena blossoms

– It gently helps tone, soften, and soothe skin, restoring skin’s beauty and naturally fresh, youthful appearance

– Suitable for skin, body, and hair care, after exercise, sun exposure, and shower

Obtained by using Alteya’s proprietary Hydrolat Concentrate Distillation Technique which provides:

– Richer composition of essential microelements

– Full concentration of hydrophilic aromatic components

– Carries the true fragrance complexity and therapeutic value of the Rosa Damascena plant


5 reviews for Alteya’s Organic Toner Mist – Rose Water Violet Glass spray

  1. N.G.

    I just adore the smell of this rose water.

  2. Shaunte Sartor

    This is my first time using rose water and I love it. I always use organic and natural products this is obviously chemical free. I like that it’s actually made in Bulgaria you get the real thing. Comes in a nice glass bottle.

  3. Anena

    Such an excellent choice for rose water! I keep mine next to my desk to invigorate my skin while I work from home. I also use it before bed to sooth any stress from the day. I am excited that I have this product on auto delivery. I plan on using it daily!

  4. Lynne Brown

    I am on my 4th bottle of this rose water. It is the best moisturizing mist I have ever used on my face. It is so soothing every time I use it.

  5. Tanya (verified owner)

    I’ve tried all rose waters in glass bottles from this company and loved them all. Not sure if there is a difference between them except of price. Anybody..?

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