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  • $6.95

    Organic Lavender Dry Flowers


    This tea is naturally sweet and delicate with
    wonderfully tranquilizing aroma. Its fragrance is
    known to relax and soothe mind and body and it
    may promote restful sleep.
    100% Natural, 100% Organic

    2.82 fl oz/80g

  • $13.95

    Organic Whole Rose Buds


    Sweet and uplifting, this fragrant tea is said to
    invoke feelings of joy and happiness and set
    romantic mood. The fresh rose buds are
    harvested when they are young to preserve the
    full fragrance of the rose.


    2.82 fl oz/80g

    $13.95 (1)
  • $33.00

    Bulgarian Rose Drops Rejuvenate 3800XR

    Bulgarian Rose Drops Rejuvenate 3800XR
    With Rose Oil and Acai Oil

    Nutritious Rose Oil Drops to bring beauty and rose aroma from within.

    $33.00 (1)