Common Misconceptions About Skin Care

Common Misconceptions About Skin Care
January 24, 2018 Alteya Organics

There is a unique science behind your daily beauty routine; steps that you probably know in order to maintain a glowing, healthier body. But there may be a day where you are trying something new because you heard it from a friend, with no prior knowledge what so ever. All of a sudden your clean face is covered in rashes, your hands are dangerously dry, and somehow, someway, your chest is burning like that bad sunburn in the middle of July. Skin problems are very complicated situations that deter you from having a normal, carefree life, and that is the last thing one wants in their busy schedule. Unfortunately, there is shockingly bad, misleading information which restrains us in our endeavors for beauty and perfection. Here are some common misconceptions about skin care that everyone should keep an eye out:

If I Have Acne, I Need a Lot of Scrubbing

Having acne is a dreaded experience that people fight with every day. Even celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Taylor Swift have to fight acne. Yes, acne does not care who you are.
People get acne for a few reasons: stress, hormonal imbalance, hereditary, the list goes. You need a trained physician to guide you to the best routine. This also includes a list of Don’ts that you unknowingly do on a daily basis, like scrubbing.
People are really into deep scrubbing since it is frequently advertise. We try different brands, soaps, and scrubs yet we wonder why the acne doesn’t go away. Actually, washing excessively may increase inflammation on your skin. And to a bigger extend, the pimples could actually grow. The bacteria, which cause acne, are situated deep into your skin and by treating the surface they stubbornly stay.

Acne’s quite an emotional problem to deal with, at any age. It causes embarrassment, shame, and discomfort everywhere you go. Adding people glares and stares doesn’t help either.

You got acne? So why don’t you become a hermit and live under a rock?

Instead, doctors will have you buy quality acne creams. They are effective because they are quickly absorbed by the skin. Especially since the natural substances in those creams are rather powerful. Most medical experts agree that these creams actually work for most people. Your face may become absolutely free of acne with the proper time and care.

Dermatologists Believe That Improper Diet Affects the Skin

organic food

So you are interested in skin care that works for you? That’s wonderful! In fact, you can theoretically eat your way to healthier skin. Smoothies are widely recommended; even more so if they are infuse with superfoods like blueberries, apples, and even spinach. Among the foods to avoid are sugar, salt, white bread, dairy, and alcohol. Bad nutrition, stress, smoking, and long, unprotected, exposure to the sun are responsible for aging, wrinkles, and freckles.
Even experts can’t agree on which and how many vitamins and minerals are required for a holistic diet. However, we know that a high-fat diet may hurt your body, and in turn, your skin. You should strive to add fruits and vegetables to your daily meals. Eating well, consistent exercising, and yes, even some relaxation may aid to better looking skin. Ever heard of beauty sleep? Equip yourself with a sleep-mask and rest all your worries away for several hours.
The term “beauty” is more than skin deep. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was known to say: “Thy food be thy remedy.”
Therefore, eat well enough to treat yourself of almost anything, even bad acne.

Tan Looks Good On Me

Tanning is among the riskiest factors for the skin. It comes with fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, cataracts, and ugly brown spots. You may not get them immediately, but sooner or later your skin pays the price for the tan. You may believe it’s healthy but in reality it’s a sign of damaged skin.
Sun helps you produce Vitamin D. Exposing your non-protected skin to the sun for 15 minutes three times a week supplies a healthy dose of the rich vitamin. Another way to get vitamin D is to eat the following: kale, orange, sardines, soybeans, oatmeal, sesame seeds, almonds, salmon, broccoli, and plenty.
Nowadays, women tan without sunscreen – which is just as harmful and dangerous. We can’t escape UVA rays that lead to skin aging, but we have organic cosmetics/creams to protect ourselves. Harmful UVA rays can penetrate clouds so you are at a risk at all times. Not all sunglasses protect our eyes and darker lens doesn’t mean more protection. Even the SPF in your makeup is not enough. People of all skin colors have to use sun-screen. Use green, natural sunscreens, that don’t contain chemical sun filters. You can try mineral-based sun-screen and/or pick a UV protection day cream. That’s the most important thing you can do for your skin.

Steaming Your Skin Opens Pores

Now, prepare to smile. Pores are small holes in the skin from which sweat escapes. They have no muscles attached to them. Therefore, they can’t open and close. Steaming does cleanse and moisturize, but it does nothing like opening a pore. You can’t get rid of pores; you are born with a certain amount of them which remains constant throughout life. As you understand, pores are necessary for normal and healthy skin. Without them, you are practically not able to perspire. Some women think their pores are more noticeable in parts of their face.
If you are concerned about your pores, it will help to keep your face clean so that they retain as little dirt and oil as possible. This means you should clean your face at least before bed every evening. Some brands have products specifically for pores, Bioré. Humble soap and water are just as good as well. Remember-perfect skin does not exist naturally. This means you have to maintain it through your entire life. Some women are born with healthy skin; others rely heavily on organic cosmetics and a strict beauty regimen.

Only Your Face Needs Maintenance

Most people are focused on treating the face so much that they forget about the rest of their body. Whatever you apply on the face, apply also to the neckline and the back of your hands. A good cream without damaging or irritating ingredients can be used all over your body.
In order to have great skin, you need holistic body care. This means not only regular indulgence in Spa’s for body therapy and giving up smoking. You should take care of yourself emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Try aromatherapy and color healing, study Ayurveda or traditional nutrition to orientate. Inform yourself and remember that a little practice is always better no practice at all.

Anti-Aging Products Are For Mature Skin

You should use anti-aging products to keep your skin looking young. In Asia, women take care of their skin from their adolescence so that they prevent the process of aging. In the west, people do it at an older age. Skincare should be a routine that you follow through, and if you want wonderful skin start young and don’t stop. Your skin will thank you in time.

Look Down On the Beauty Secrets of Other Cultures

Ancient India has passed on some wonderful secrets of beauty for every woman. Women of this nation are praised for their long, lustrous hair, and flawless face. Their beauty is chemical-free, organic and passed on to generations in the science of life – Ayurveda, the oldest holistic medicine in the world. Often they pamper themselves with saffron, the beauty ingredient of royalties. It has purifying properties and is applied for glowing skin, brightening, toning, and even getting rid of acne.
For fresh skin, the Japanese insist only essential oils will save your skin from aging. Oils soften and tone; they nurture and they are beneficial. What’s best about essential oils is that the skin absorbs just as much as it needs. Japanese also do steam bath at least once a week and exfoliate all the dead cells. This ritual even boosts metabolism.
In Bulgaria, people use rose water for everything- skin toning and flavor beverages. Also, they rub honey in their lips for softness, heal puffy eyes with chamomile compress, apply olive oil for soft skin, and sea-salt for feet scrub.

Skin care products have to be regularly replaced with other products

That is not the case. Your skin doesn’t get tired of the same old shower gel. You should continue to use the same products if your skin greatly benefits from them. Stick to the products you know and love since they have a healthy relationship with your body.

Alteya Organics is from a new generation of cosmetic brands, inspired by the Bulgarian traditions proofed by time. It relies on the very high quality of production, transparent business practices, and the mysteries of cultural beauty secrets. One of their eternal principles is that beauty products are supposed to be fun! We hope you’ll take as much delight in using our products as we have creating them.